Wednesday, March 8 2017

Temporary suspension of premium processing for H1B visas

If you are working, or have been offered a job at a university in the Untied States, and will need to file for a H1B visa soon, or will need an extension on a current H1B, please consider filing on or before April 3 2017. Starting that day, premium processing  for all H1B visas is going to be suspended (for up to 6 months). This is the USCIS page with the relevant information. Premium processing is not always needed, but take into account that regular processing for the H1B visa might take too long depending on when your employer (the institution hiring you) files for your visa. Sometimes they file for it too late, which means the visa will not be approved by the beginning of the Fall semester. Also, there are reasons to believe that processing times are increasing.

Check with your international scholar office and/or HR office about possible courses of action, and talk to your chair or PI, and other international scholars, to try find some solution before it is too late.