this blog was created along the lines of “what is it like to be a woman in philosophy?”. It consists of short stories sent in by readers sharing experiences of what it is like to be a foreigner in the academia. The goal of the blog is to raise awareness of the complex experiences that people in the academia studying and/or working in a country other than their country of origin or residence go through. Some of these stories will undoubtedly be stories of unfair treatment, of xenophobia, of conscious and unconscious biases, of constraints imposed by bureaucracy, of language and culture barriers. Hopefully, other stories will be tales of enriching adventures, of support in moments of need, of new connections and accomplishments.

We hope that by sharing these stories, a better understanding of what it is like to be a foreigner in the academia will emerge.

Many of these stories will be written by academics working in countries other than their countries of origin, but we hope that not all will be, for others in the academia might have something relevant to say about what being a foreigner in the academia is like.

Everyone is invited to contribute. If you decide to do so, please observe our policies.