Publishing philosophy as a foreigner

First, I had a paper that received two positive reviews, including statements like “beautifully written” and “well structured,” but was ultimately rejected by the editor citing language competency (including mistakes such as some misspellings, some “which” “that” mistakes, and somewhere I didn’t add “to” in a sentence.) The editor also complained that historical examples from my country were inflammatory and irrational.

Second, more generally, whenever I wanted to use examples from a foreign country, I had to explain a lot, including the historical context. This increases the word count of my papers. I could, always just choose examples well known to English speakers, and I have done so for the exact reason to not surpass the word limit, but I just feel that there is some unfairness here. Examples from English speaking countries feel foreign to me, but no one seems to complain that they are insufficiently explained to foreigners. I could also just choose to submit my papers to journals with less strict a word limit, but that would limit my publication venues, but the unfairness is still there. In virtue of using examples from one’s home country, some get more venues to publish while others get less.