feeling uprooted

For quite some years, I’ve been a postdoc in two different countries and a grad student in yet another country, in a total of  four different institutions. To go where the jobs/education are, I’ve moved house, a total of 7 times over 10 years! This is starting to take an emotional toll, not to mention that the little savings we’ve amassed disappear in each move (for my upcoming one, the university only refunds a small amount of my actual costs).
For my last position, I’ve worked as a postdoc at a research-intensive university in the UK (a top school not just for my field, but all round). I am not originally from the UK. For my time in the British university, I have only positive experiences to report. Faculty were supportive, I got assigned a mentor at the university for the job market and my publishing, and I got a mentor via the Society of Women in Philosophy, UK.
Recently, I applied for and received a job offer at a university in a continental European country I have never lived in. It’s a permanent lecturing position. I feel very lucky. The department is wonderful. At the same time, it’s heart-wrenching to uproot my family again. My oldest child will miss her friends, and we will miss the friends we made here. I have the feeling I have to start all over again. Also, I don’t know the culture so I’ll have to adapt again. I realize how unspectacular this is, at the same time, it’s a common experience in academia to feel uprooted.